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Ever since they came into use logos, branding, business visiting cards, and infographics have provided the customers with a customized way of representing their business. Whether you have started a new business or wish to upgrade your business we are here to help you revolve. GraphicLeaders has ranked as the Best Graphic Design Service in Bangalore. This is because of we believe in following the latest graphic design trends 2019.

However, there has been much competition in the market thus, making it complicated for the users to create their own identity. Keeping this in mind, we undertake all the factors that can help create a brand identity. Factors such as Photography, Videography, Motion Graphics, Content writing, and handling social media pages.

Branding 87 %
Social Media Managaement 80 %
Photography and Videography 75 %
Ui/Ux Design 75 %
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Branding & Logo Design Services

We help you give your thought a face. Graphicleader Build brands that people can remember and rely on.

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Ui/Ux Design Service

Your Website and application is what defines your brand value. Graphicleader can give your brand a professional face.

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Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is a vast term. It starts from understanding clients, ideation, design and deliivery. Well, our graphic designers know how to make all these happen.

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Social Media Marketing

This dosen’t matter how much a design looks good. The thing that matters is how many engagement it can grab in the first hour. We will help you with SEO & Handeling Social Media accounts.

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Photography & Videography

We all know that time is money! Well what if you can freeze it? Yes, we work with best Photographers and Videographers from Bangalore. Believe me we can do it.

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3D Design Services

3D design is the future for all big or small organizations. Are you looking for a 3D logo design, 3d character design, a 3d design of your blueprint. We have it all.

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Meet Our Team

Graphicleader ceo
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Praveen Kumar

CEO & Founder

Praveen Kumar is the CEO and one of the founders of Graphic Leader, a leading advertising agency in Bangalore with an experience of 5+ years in Graphic Designing. He is also expertise in Leadership, Management and SEO.

Graphicleader bangalore co-founder
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Aratrik Chackroborty

Design Head and Co-Founder

Aratrik Chakraborty is the Design-Head and one of the fouders of Graphic Leader, a leading advertising agency, headquartered in Bangalore. He is having a experience of 5+ years in Graphic Designing and Fine-Arts.

Graphicleader photograher bangalore
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Apurv Shekhar

Head Photographer

Apurv Shekhar is the Head Photgrapher of Graphic Leader, a leading advertising agency in Bangalore. He is having an experience of more than 4 years in Photography as per Industry Standards. He also expertise in Videography and Corporate Shoots.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! …

Milton Glaser.

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